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Blender is a free 3D modelling, animation and video editing platform which runs on Linux, Windows and MacOSX (as well as all the other unicies). I decided to learn blender rather than 3D Studio Max, Maya, et al. because it was free, it has a big community behind it and I wasn't prepared to pirate any of the above software packages. It isn't as feature filled as the above packages but it fits my needs.

Below are some of the images that I have made with the Blender. I am not training to be a CG artist so please don't expect movie quality images.

This image was part of an animation still, that I am thinking about using as part of a dance group advertisment within church. I am not sure how applicable it will be, but at least it looks cool...

It was made using the Matrix Intro tutorial which is under the Blender Artwork section on the main index page but with a CD and a dupliverted particle system to give the ring effect (it looks very cool animated).

This image is a still taken from another animation that was to advertise the guy' social group within church. It is ment only to be as a demo render with the real dates and times being filled in at a later date.

I had to render this several times because a bug in the blender renderer kept on dropping characters from the text - very annoying. I also found that if I didn't enable motion blur, the stars in the background would flicker - pushing up rendering times even more.

This space ship was my first object that involved texture detail to be placed in specific locations, it was also the first compound object that I modelled. It appears in the animation mentioned above however because it is so small, I thought that I would include it here just to give you all more pictures to look at.

The flare exiting the cannon is a mistake, but I just can't be bothered changing it...


This image was created for a ball that I (with some other friends) are organising, it has appeared on letterheads as will appear on the church powerpoint system.

I made it using subdivision of surfaces for each of the ribbons and then used the duplication and proportional editing tools to make the bow look more realistic. The gold material used the new textures in Blender 2.33 and were downloaded off the internet. The hardest part was trying to get the satin ribbon material looking realistic - which eventually came down to the right lighting.

This image was designed for my Fathers marine surveying website (you can see it here), it was my first commercial project involving CGI with blender.

It was based on 'A Nice Ocean View' tutorial with the lighthouse and ship added to give it more of a marine flavour.

If I hadn't lost the .blend files that were used to make this image I would have rerendered this scene again but using the unified renderer to give the stars through the spot halo their correct brightness.


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