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One book that I have to again and again for inspiration and support (in times of trouble) is the Bible. There is definitely a lot of misinformation about it (that comes through when Atheists and Christians are debating over it). However, despite this it is possible to get alot of good material from it, however, that requires some background study.

The Christian Bible is made up of two sections, the first are the Jewish writings, which are written in Hebrew and Aramaic, with the Greek New Testament making up the second section. A useful summary is shown below:

Jewish Writings
The Jewish writings are made up of the following:

  • The religious law (as handed to Moses);
  • the formation of ancient Israel; and
  • the writings, such as the wisdom teachings and psalms (poetry).
The time span over which these scriptures were written is staggering as it covers from ~1500BC to about ~640BC. This covers a period from where the early Hebrews were living in tents (nomads) to the formation of a sophisticated society. No other civilization covers this type of developmental period.

Greek New Testament
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